Order Process

How to Order Your Connolly Ranch Natural Beef

At this time, we sell our natural grass fed beef in bulk quantities with the price based on the actual packaged weight. The minimum order size may vary from year to year depending on processor capability, but has been a quarter side to a half side.

Orders for each year are generally placed between about May and June.  We will post the exact order period, order deadline and price as soon as all sale information for the annual June Sale is confirmed. We sell a limited amount of CRNB based on orders/deposits received.

We harvest based on the season’s rain, grass growth and other conditions.  Our goal is to provide you with the largest, healthiest natural grass fed beef.  We generally harvest in June and have your order ready for pick-up by the end of July. The exact timing may vary depending upon the season’s conditions.  The pick-up location will be in Tracy on a specific weekday date and time we set.

We will notify you when and where in Tracy you will pick-up your order. On the specified order pick-up date you will pay the balance due based on the actual weight of your boxed order.

We require USDA inspected slaughter and cut and wrap facilities. We look for processors that are located within about 2 hours of the ranch so that we can minimize transportation.  The facility has to be able to age, cut, individually vacuum package, label, box and freeze according to our specifications.

Prices and Order Deadline

Connolly Ranch Natural Beef prices are set each year around the first of May for the upcoming June Sale.

Generally, we accept orders between about May – June.  A deposit is required to place your order.  Your deposit will apply to the final invoice which will be determined based on the actual weight of your order when you pick up your order.  Your deposit and final invoice may be paid by check.

See the CRNB Order Form for price, deadline and other order information for the current year’s sale.

Refund Policy

If you cancel before the final order deadline, you will receive a full refund.  After the order deadline, we are not be able to refund any portion of your deposit as we have already started work to prepare for the annual sale.  We do ask that you please let us know even if you decide to cancel your order after the order deadline, as we are dealing with live animals and a perishable product.

How to Plan your Order

Quarter to Half-Side Orders

CRNB orders are cut, vacuumed packaged and boxed into bulk orders.  The minimum order size may vary from year to year, but in the past has been a quarter-side or a half-side.  Generally, the orders are “mixed” sides, meaning that the cuts could come from the right or left or front or hind quarters of different steers in the lot.  If a mixed side, we try to include approximately the same array of cuts in each order, but the exact weight and cuts in each order will vary.  Also because CRNB is from yearling steers, the cuts will be smaller.

For the purposes of determining your order size, we will assume the minimum is a typical mixed quarter side order.  Based on prior years, the average weight of a mixed quarter-side order was about 60 pounds, with a range of about 50-75 pounds.

According to the American Meat Institute the average American consumes 66.4 pounds of beef per year. Assuming you consume the average, 4 quarter side orders (or 2 half side orders) of CRNB will serve a family of 4 or more for a year and 1 quarter side will serve 1 person for a year.

# People

Ave. Annual   Beef Consumption in lbs.









Although every order will vary, and each year is different, we expect our average yearling steer to be about 750 pounds. Use the table below to provide a guide to determine the amount of beef that is right for you.

Average weight in pounds of mixed cut orders based on harvest   in prior years

4 Quarters –   lbs.

(~8 boxes)

2 Quarters –   lbs.

(~4 boxes)

1 Quarter-Side   – lbs. (~2 boxes)

Live weight at harvest

750 lbs.

375 lbs.

187 lbs.

Final cut and packaged weight – Compare this to your average   consumption

248 lbs.

124 lbs.

62 lbs.

Approx Freezer space required in   Cubic Feet (3.6 CF /100 lbs. food)

8.9 cf.

4.5 cf.

2.2 cf.


You will get an array of the best cuts from your order given the actual size of the steer.  Our goal is to provide you with the best steak and roast cuts first and then additional cuts including, stew, brisket and ground so as to waste as little as possible.  See the Sample Cut List for the array of cuts in mixed side order, but remember that each boxed order varies from the average in terms of the exact weight and cuts included and that the cuts will be smaller because they come from younger steers.

Freezer Space

For your planning, your order will be boxed and frozen.  You will need freezer space to store your natural beef.  Refer to the table above as a guide to determine the freezer space needed to store your order.

Find a Partner to Share an Order

If you do not eat that much beef or you want to try it out in a smaller quantity we encourage you to find a friend to split the minimum order size.


Place your Natural Beef Order

1.      Order and Make Deposit before Order Deadline:

Please print and complete the CRNB Order Form and mail with your check for the deposit to:

Connolly Ranch Inc.

PO Box 1122, Tracy, CA 95378

Fax # 209-832-9736


We process a limited amount of CRNB each year and will take orders until the order deadline or while supplies last.  You may fax or scan/email your order form, but your order is not confirmed until we confirm receipt of your deposit check.

2.      Pay Balance on Order at time of pick-up:

After your natural grass fed beef is processed, we will contact you about the order pick-up place and date.  Pick-up will be in Tracy. We will set a single weekday date and time window for you to pick up your beef.  The pick-up date for all orders is targeted for late July. On the order pick-up date you will pay the balance due based on the actual weight of your order.  Payment can be made by check at the time you pick-up your order.

Sorry, but we do not yet have online Credit Card payments in place yet.

Please contact us at 209-836-0768, crnb@connollyranch.com if you have any questions or need more information.