Natural Beef

Connolly Ranch Natural Beef is from our Black Angus herd locally born and naturally raised on Connolly Ranch on open range pastures. The calves feed on their mother’s milk and nature’s grasses, with salt block supplements and occasional hay designed to keep them in the best of health.  Connolly Ranch Natural Beef cattle are not given any hormones, implants, antibiotics or grain and they are not fed any supplements with animal by-products.  These management practices combine to provide you locally raised natural beef.

Cattle graze on open range

Connolly Ranch Born and Raised

Not only are our cattle from the US, they are born and raised on Connolly Ranch.  From the time they are born until they are sold to you our Black Angus calves do not leave the ranch. Locally raised means that we use less energy and you know where your food comes from.

All Grass Fed and Finished

Other than milk from the cow, Connolly Ranch Natural Beef calves eat only nature’s grasses from the open range where they graze.  They are never sent to a feed lot and are not fed any corn or grain to finish them. We supplement with salt blocks and occasional locally grown hay, primarily when we gather or if annual grasses are low due to drought.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Connolly Ranch Natural Beef calves are not given any growth hormones, implants or antibiotics or any food supplements that contain animal by-products.  Our calves only receive non-antibiotic preventive vaccinations.  They grow and mature as nature dictates on the open range.

Humane Animal Practices

Cattle on open range

Animals are born and raised on Connolly Ranch on open range land until they are gathered on horse-back into the corral and readied to sell to you. They are never kept in a confined feed lot to gain weight. Current veterinary and animal practice guidelines are followed to ensure cattle are healthy, well cared for and humanely treated.

Our Black Angus cows “calve” in the fall.  Calves stay with their mothers through the winter and spring where the season’s rains bring the green grasses that nurture the cows and growing calves.  As the grasses dry out in May we get ready to gather and sell our calves when they are ready to be weaned from their mothers. By sale time in June the young yearlings are about 9 months old and the steers calves about 700-800 pounds.  Other than mother’s milk, salt blocks and occasional locally grown hay, the calves which are harvested as Connolly Ranch Natural Beef have grazed only on natural grasses on the open range. We do not feed our calves any corn or grain to finish them or hold them over another season to gain more weight prior to sale to you.

Connolly Ranch Natural Beef bypasses the industrial production process and sells locally direct to you the consumer.  Connolly Ranch provides young beef which is different from the typical industrial production process.  Usually when young yearling calves are sold each year, they go to feedlot for 3-9 months where they are fed corn, grain with other additives and grow to about 1,200 pounds before they go to slaughter. Because our beef is REALLY natural, it is finished the natural way – on nature’s grasses.

Our beef is safe and healthy for the consumer and our world, but it is also different from the usual white fat laced beef consumers are used to buying from grocery stores.  Our beef is younger and the cuts are smaller in size than you might be used to.  It is also leaner because we do not finish it with a forced diet of corn, grain and other additives. When we say Locally Raised, All Grass Fed, All Natural, we mean it.

Connolly Ranch Natural Beef guaranteed Locally Raised – All Grass Fed – All Natural