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We have completed our first season offering Connolly Ranch Natural Beef direct to consumers.  We are very excited about the quality, cure with the beef being very tender, page flavorful and juicy.  We have learned a lot and look forward to our 2011 season where we can improve our program and serve more people in our community. We consider ourselves to be stewards of the ranch and work hard to protect and preserve the land.  Our natural grass fed beef program is specifically designed to take advantage of the seasonal grasses and minimize the use of additional energy resources such as hay, web supplemental feed, water and transportation.  We, therefore, don't hold over our steers over the summer and fall for another season and have only one harvest season each year in June.  We only sell in the local area where order pick-up is feasible and we do not ship our beef.  We are providing a natural product in a sustainable way based on our specific rangeland and climate working to promote environmental stewardship and support local agriculture.  Like so many things, what is old is new again as this is similar to the ranch management routine from a century ago. Please sign up for our newsletter and check back at for updates in the coming months. We hope you will consider CRNB in 2011. Please contact us for more information or questions:

Connolly Ranch, story Inc.

PO Box 1122

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